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Nicholas Andrews
Harry N Andrews
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Harry N Andrews


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Level 1, Andrews House,
185 Military Rd, Neutral Bay
Sydney NSW 2089
+61 2 9904 9411
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+ 61 411 8811 11 0411 881 111

Trained and focussed on supply-chain, logistics- and project- management, my family's heritage in this industry and my involvement for over seventeen years in the meat and seafood industries gives me a real understanding of Client expectations and the issues that can arise.

I get a thrill when complex and fast moving demands from our clients are met. The greater their demands, the better I believe we get as a business.

By working closely with our Clients, offering transparency and bringing to bear our expertise I believe we can unlock more value for them than any other method of goods-and-services procurement.

To foster this relationship and unlock this value with our Clients we work hard to engender trust and confidence.

No matter what we know or how we've done it before, we learn how each Client wants it done to contribute to Their success.

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