Products & Services
Simplifying complex food service
requirements, offering peace of mind.

We tailor our supply chain and production to develop client driven specification programs in the best and highest quality;

  • Australian Beef
  • Australian Veal
  • Australian Lamb
  • Australian Pork
  • Australian Poultry 
  • Australian and imported smallgoods
  • Australian and imported seafood
  • Australian Dairy products
  • A complete range of all food-service products (details on enquiry) 

As a guide to Australian standard beef, veal and lamb cutting specifications, click here to view Aus-Meat's Cut Specifications

This range is married to our national and global logistics resources, enabling;

  • Just-in-time provisioning from warehousing throughout Australia;
  • Australian distribution to all major ports;
  • Global distribution with full export service.

While you may speak to or deal with one of our directors or staff members, we work as a collaborative team to serve you. Supporting each leader is a team of dedicated Ampco employees utilising proven systems and technology (with hot-swappable redundancies).

Personal attention, answers to your questions, or responsiveness to changing circumstances, are always dealt with immediately in real time.

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